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21.2 Troubleshooting Plateaus

What to do when we’re stalled

Overcoming plateaus is an intentional skill. When we plateau, we need to make a plan. The first step in making the plan is deciding WHEN we’re going to implement the plan (hint: the answer isn’t now)


All right, so in this video, what I want to talk about is plateaus. Now, if you remember back to the very beginning of the program, I was really cautious that we didn’t want to go all in. And the reason that we don’t ever want to go all in on doing all the things is because we are eventually going to plateau, especially when it comes to weight loss.

And so, what I want to talk about in this video are the steps that you can take when you do come across a plateau, because you will. When you plateau, the first thing I want you to do is I want you to pick a date, sometime in the future, not tomorrow. But maybe two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, something like that and say, okay, we are going to keep doing what it is that we are doing.

And on that date, I will make a decision as to whether we’re going to change tactics or not. The worst thing that we can do is all of a sudden change thing without really thinking it through. And then, when things change or when things don’t change, we really don’t know why.

This is also true if we make a bunch of changes at the same time. We never want to change more than one thing at the same time because we don’t know then what’s what the next step is. All right?

So, first step, when encountering a plateau is to decide that sometime in the future, two weeks, three weeks, whatever you will decide if you stay at the same weight. What you’re going to do on that date? Okay. And here’s the reason why we want to go into the future is sometimes that’s just how our body loses weight.

So many of my clients will hit plateaus. We keep doing the same thing. And then, after two or three weeks, they’ll drop again. And then, they’ll drop for a few weeks, and then they’ll hit a plateau, and then they’ll drop again. And so, what if this plateau that you’re having is just the way that your body loses weight. Okay.

So, instead of getting frustrated by it, maybe think, okay, this is just what my body is doing. Because sometimes the body just needs to regulate and get comfortable with what it’s doing before it feels safe enough to drop weight again. All right. So, that’s the first thing.

Stay true to what you are doing. Give a date in the future and decide on that date, if I still haven’t lost any weight, then I will make a decision. Okay. So, that’s the first thing.

Step number two, I’m going to suggest that you write a list of all of the different things you could do that you aren’t doing right now. Okay. So, things like cutting out sugar, cutting out all flour, deciding that you could move more. Okay.

What else? You could, I don’t know it just depends on what you’re doing. So, limiting treats a little bit more, limiting alcohol. They’re probably a list of things that you could do that maybe you don’t want to do, write them all down.

And then, the next step is on that date in the future, if you’re still plateaued, pick one thing. Just one. We could do carb cycling. We could do calorie cycling. We could get rid of sugar. We could get rid of flour. We could limit our treats from 15% of our calories to 10% of our calories.

So, there are lots of different options that we’ve been talking about throughout the program. If you’re walking, maybe, and you don’t have any more time. Maybe you could add a few intervals in there or add a little bit of strength training.

So, there are lots of different options that we really are open to that can sometimes spur weight loss again. So, pick one of those things, try it for a few weeks. If it works, great! Now, you have something new. And if it doesn’t, then you can either drop it or you can add something else on top. Remember that “more” isn’t always better. Okay. I know we think that it does, but it doesn’t.

The other thing is that when we’re getting to our goal weight, sometimes we need to get really super strict for a period of time and we undershoot then our goal. So, let’s say that I started out at 150 pounds, I am getting down to 135, that’s my goal. Sometimes what we want to do is we want to actually go below that to 132. Just so, that we can come up a little bit when we relax and then we’re still at that weight.

So, that’s in terms of maintenance, all right? So, sometimes we just need to get super strict for a little bit, just with the idea that we’re not going to have to do this forever. We’re just doing it to get to a certain point and then we can sail off into the sunset. All right?

So, that’s all I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.