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18.2 Biomarkers v2

The Flow Chart

Now that your hormones are balanced, if you’re not losing weight, we want to solve that.


All right, so in this video, I want to talk about biomarkers again. Again, we have five different biomarkers that we use to determine whether our exercise, our sleep, our eating, and our lifestyle factors are balanced. And everything that we’ve been doing up until this point, up until this month, we’ve been really trying to focus on balancing our hormones.

So, those five biomarkers again are cravings. So, making sure that you have low cravings or not really urgent cravings. Okay? We’re always going to have urges, but we just want to make sure that we’re not out of control with our cravings. Okay? So, that’s the first thing.

The second thing is our appetite. Making sure that our appetite isn’t out of control as well. We want to have a consistent, “you know,” easy-going appetite. So, we want appetite and cravings to be low.

Then, what we want to be even are our energy, our mood, and our sleep. We want to have good sleep. Right? And so, again, the very first thing that we want to do is we want our biomarkers to be in line. So, once you have your biomarkers in line, the next question is, are you losing weight? And so, if you are, fantastic! Keep doing what it is that you’re doing. And what we want to make sure of is that in order to make that repeatable, that you’re constantly losing weight. We want to make sure that you’re following your food protocol. Okay?

Because your food protocol is telling us how much protein, how much fat, how much vegetables, how much starch you’re going to be eating on a consistent basis. And then, we also have your activity levels.

So, making sure that you are moving on a regular basis, it doesn’t have to be crazy. Okay? Just make sure that you are moving on a consistent basis and whatever it is that’s right for your body, then if you’re feeling good still, if your biomarkers are still in line, then perfect. All right? And if you’re having good sleep. All right?

So, all of our health behaviors, then we’ll contribute to how our biomarkers are? So, our eating will influence our exercise, because if we don’t give ourselves proper nutrition, then we’re not going to feel like exercising. Our exercise will actually impact our sleep, as well as our eating, as well as our stress management. All of our health habits are really tightly connected.

And so, what we want to do next is once you have your recipe for whatever it is that you’re doing. If you’re not losing weight, then what we want to do is we just want to shrink the pie, just a little bit. And what I mean by pie is we want to just cut back from eating as much as we have been. So, cut back just about 20%, just a little bit so that you aren’t like overeating, right? And then, really pay attention to your hunger signals and notice, “am I getting hungry?”

Now, here’s the next piece. If you are not losing weight, I have a really good flow chart for you that I’m putting at the bottom of this video. You’ll also see the biomarkers chart in there also. So, if your biomarkers are not balanced, then follow that chart in order to balance them. That is always going to be step number.

Then, step number two is going to be follow the flow chart to determine what you need to do next. if your biomarkers are balanced, then how do we start losing weights? All right?

So, let me know what questions you have about these two resources and let’s get going. All right? So, that’s all I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.

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