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17.2 Becoming a Diet Detective

Getting Better at Figuring out Your Unique Formula

Introducing the 5 Biomarkers & how paying attention to these signals that your body sends you, you’ll be able to adjust what you’re eating, how you’re exercising as well as the frequency & intensity, and how much stress relieving activity that you need.


All right, so in this video, what I want to talk about is listening to your body. And I know that you’re probably thinking, “but Elizabeth, I’ve been listening to my body, and I totally understand my hunger signals, and I understand my emotions, or maybe I’m still figuring that out.” Okay. And that’s fine.

Last week, I started talking about listening to your body on a larger level. Like, starting to really feel how your changing diet is making you feel more energetic, or it’s making you feel lighter, or more focused, or all of those other non-scale victory types of things that make us just feel better in our bodies.

And so, what I want to do in this month is I really want to break down listening to your body and give you a certain set of skills and strategies, so that as your body changes, you can keep up with it. I’m going to give you resources within this month that will allow you to say, “okay, well, this has shifted, okay so then, I need to do this. All right?

So, where I want to start is with what I call the five biomarkers. If you’ve ever done a one-on-one consult with me, you will know that I ask my clients or prospects about their five different biomarkers. Those five different biomarkers are cravings, hunger, energy levels, sleep quality, and then mood.

At the beginning of this program, we really didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about weight loss. What we were doing was we were trying to get our eight basic habits in line. And I still want you to focus on that. If you haven’t mastered the eight basic habits, we really want to start there. Okay?

And then, the next piece is to really take stock of these five different biomarkers. What we want ideally is that your hunger is low, that your cravings are low, that your energy and your sleep quality is stable, as well as your mood. Okay? And so, if you’re still having fluctuations, what we need to do is we need to get those under control first.

Because what happens with a lot of diets is that we cut out fat, for example, or we cut out carbs. And what happens then is we either have these large energy fluctuations, or we just feel foggy. Or using those five different biomarkers, our body gives us feedback that we don’t feel good. And so, when we have the diet, and exercise, and sleep plan, that is right for our body, we will feel amazing. And then, all we need to do is just shrink the number of calories that we’re eating.

So now, we get to focus on losing weight in this program. We want to make sure that we don’t cut out a bunch of fat, we don’t cut out a bunch of starch, or we don’t cut out a bunch of protein. We want to eat those same foods that we’ve been eating to give us high energy, low cravings, low hunger, solid sleep, and a stable mood. But we just want to reduce the calories a little bit so that we can start losing weight. See, this is the process. All right?

So again, I want you to go back to listening to your body, doing the body scans, and really start paying attention to those aspects. Again, it’s energy, hunger, cravings, sleep quality, and then mood.

So, we want you to have a stable mood. We don’t want you crying AT&T commercials, or at the drop of a hat, or feeling like you’re unstable emotionally. Right? And so, when you feel in control of all those things, then we’ll start cutting calories. All right?

So, that’s all I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.

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