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The Four C’s (optional video)

How to Build More Confidence

The Four C’s Are:

  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Competence
  • Confidence


In this video, I want to talk about the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s is a concept by a thought leader named Dan Sullivan. He actually has a book written about it.

And I just want to go through it briefly because I think that when we are trying to build new skills. And whether those new skills are behavior skills, or whether it’s something larger, like wanting to lose weight, like a goal. Or if it’s just the process of wanting to have a better relationship with ourselves or with other people, we don’t really think about everything that goes into it.

So, the 4 C’s are commitment, courage, capability, and then confidence. When we go out and decide that we want to do something different, it takes a lot of commitment. And we don’t really think about that. Right? When we talk about bidding, we say, “okay, I’m in this, I’m ready to do it, and I’m all in.”

When we talk about commitment, commitment needs to happen on a daily basis. This program, the Feel Good Sisterhood is a six month long program. You have committed to yourself over and over and over again. And that takes just so much admiration on my part.

So, first of all, you need to acknowledge that and really just be proud of yourself for showing up this late in the program. Right? We’re almost done. And you have been showing up for yourself this entire time. That is just fantastic.

The second C is courage. Now, when we think about courage, well, let’s talk about dieting, right? It takes an F ton of courage in order to start a new program. When we think about courage, we rarely ever think about the fear and the doubt that comes before the courage. Right? When we think about courageous people like firemen, and soldiers, and people who are really battling their lives, right? We don’t think about the fear that they have going into those situations.

The same thing is true here. Like for everyone who’s completed a diet for the very last time, they’ve had a string of failed attempts beforehand. And so, to start another time, takes a ton of courage because there’s just a ton of self-doubt that happens before that.

Once we have the courage to start, the next phase is capability. And the capability and the last step, which is confidence. There’s the confidence competence loop, that the more capable we become, the less self-doubt we have, right?

There’s a 4 C’s are actually a circle. And so, every single day, we have commitment, we have doubt, it takes courage to keep going. But the more we keep going, the more we build commitment, the more courage we have. The more courage we have, the more capable we become. Because when we fail, when we get that self-doubt again, then we step into courage again.

And when we have courage, we build more capability. And when we are capable, then we have the confidence to keep going. So, it’s a circle that actually happens with the 4 C’s. And it’s just something that I wanted to share with you. And it’s something that when we think about it, we think that success is a linear process.

But what it is, is it’s an iterative process going through the entire six months. So, every day we commit, we have the courage to keep going. We decide and figure out that we have some capability to keep going. And then, we actually have the confidence to do it again the next day. And so, we have these many cycles that actually end up being becoming larger cycles until we finally finished. All right?

That’s all I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.