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The 8 Basic Habits that Healthy People Do

The 8 Basic Habits – The Foundation of Our Work


Okay, so, the eight basic habits that healthy people do, it’s not brain surgery here. These are habits that you’ve heard of before and they’re really the foundation of health.

One of the reasons that diets don’t work long-term is because so many of us have felt like we need to or that we can skip the foundation of health.

And so, what we’re going to do in this program is we’re going to start out, making sure that you are doing these eight basic things. If you are not doing these eight basic things, we don’t want to move on to more advanced techniques like intermittent fasting, or carb cycling, or anything like that.

We want to make sure that you are doing these eight basic things first. And for many of you, doing these eight basic things will get you mostly to your results. What we want to do is we only want to use those advanced techniques as just a last resort to get you to those last little bits of weight off. Knowing that it’s not a lifestyle for you, knowing that it’s just a technique that we’re going to use in order to figure out how to get off that extra weight, okay.

So, that being said, the eight basic habits are, and this is not going to shock you at all; drink water, eat vegetables, make sure that you’re eating lean protein with every single one of your meals.

Number four is move. We want to be moving at least 30 minutes a day, okay. And again, exercise is no longer equitable to calories in versus calories out. Exercise or physical activity in this program and from here on out is going to be a way that we manage our stress, okay. So, that was number four.

Number five is making sure that you’re getting enough sleep. Number six is, manage your stress. And so, a lot of the work that we’re doing in this program is going to be teaching you how to deal with your problems differently so that you can take care of yourself.

Seven is eat just enough, not too much. And then, habit number eight is managing your treats or limit your treats, okay. So, we want you to have treats, I mean, treats are part of life. But we don’t want it to be all of it, okay. So, those are the eight basic habits.

Now, below this video, we also have the written form and that actually goes into each of the habits a little bit more. But we are going to be taking each of those habits apart within the program and every single week, we are going to focus on one of those habits and they will build as we go.

Now, the first Link down there is the entire guide. And then, just below that there’s a one page checklist. So, I’m going to invite you to actually print that out, put it on your fridge, or wherever it is it’s handy for you. And every day, just see where you are.

Again, we’re starting out with awareness and then we’re going to start adding to it. And then the third link that you see below is actually a podcast that I did on the foundation which goes into the eight basic habits as well.

So, that’s all I have for you right now. I’ll see you in the next video.

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