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Pivoting (optional video)

When things don’t go as planned

How to not give up when plans change. If you want to be successful, you need to pivot.


All right, so in this video, I want to talk about how to pivot. So, let’s set this up first. We can set the best plans in the world, we can figure everything out, we can be perfect in our planning. And there’s always going to be something that’s going to mess it up.

And first of all, be aware that might just get in the way sometimes the fact of life. Now, that being said, life does not have to derail your plans. And the more you get comfortable with going with the flow and figuring out how to make things work for you, instead of being a victim of circumstance, then the more successful you’re going to be.

So, let’s say, that you are going out to dinner with friends. And before you’ve gone to dinner with friends, you decided on a restaurant. You went to the restaurant website, you looked at the menu and you figured out exactly what the perfect meal is that you’re going to have.

And you get to the restaurant and the restaurant is closed, so you have to go someplace else. Or the restaurant doesn’t have the thing that you were looking forward to. What do you do? Now, the old version of you would say, “well, if I can’t have what I planned on, “eff-it,” I’m going to get the loaded burger or whatever. Right? But that’s not helpful.

And so, what we want to do is we want to make the next best choice. And really being able to do that in the moment is really going to become a skill for you. And so, managing your mind around what’s happening and not saying, “well, now that I can’t do that, I can’t do anything.” Right?

Because the more you have it in your brain, that something is better than nothing. And that it all adds up when it comes to the end of the day, the better you are going to be at salvaging this process. And I really want you to think about the future version of yourself. The version of yourself who is successful, who has been doing this, and who has it figured out? What would she do?

So, maybe your friends decide, “Hey, we’re going to go to this burger place.” And all they have is burgers on the menu. You could do something like say, “well then, I’m just not going to eat,” but what if you’re hungry? The next best thing might be, “okay, I’m going to eat a burger, but I’m not going to eat until I’m already full.

I’m going to be mindful while I’m eating it. Maybe, and this is a technique that I use. I cut it into quarters and eat it and check in with myself each quarter. And ask, do I want to keep eating or not? Of course, I want to keep eating, but do I need to keep eating? And so, sometimes just eating half of what we were served will allow us to take part in the experience of going out with our friends or whatever it is that we want. And yet, also at the same time, be true to ourselves. Okay.

So, the more you can learn how to pivot in situations where life doesn’t go your way, this is going to pay you off in so many ways. So, instead of having a hissy fit and being all upset, asking yourself, “okay, what’s next? What am I going to do instead?”

And unfortunately, this is something that I can’t do for you, you get to figure this out yourself. In the moment, you have to figure out, “okay, what I was planning didn’t work.” Of course, ahead of time, we can do a risk assessment and ask ourselves, “well, what happens if this doesn’t work out? So that when that comes true, we already have another plan, but sometimes we don’t think about that stuff.

So, what we need to do is we need to figure out, “okay, so my plan for this event didn’t work out, what can I do to still take care of myself in this situation?” Okay? So, let me know what questions you have about this. I really want you to start thinking about when things don’t go my way, how can I pivot?

Because instead of going for the failure, and then beating ourselves up on the other side of it, we want to say, “okay, things didn’t go my way.” But I made the best of a bad situation and looking back at it. I don’t know that there’s anything else that I could’ve done that would’ve been better. Okay? That’s how we prevent the inner critic from showing up. And then, when the inner critic doesn’t show up, then we’ll keep staying on plan and doing what’s best for us.

So, that’s all I have for you in this video. Let me know what questions you have in the community. Okay. Bye-bye