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Discernment (optional video)

The art of making good choices

The skill of discernment is deciding – “Is it worth it to me?” Being discerning means that you decide with intention, and make choices from the space of helping the future version of you.


All right, so in this video, I want to talk about a topic called being discerning. And when we talk about being discerning, generally, when I talk about that, I’m really talking about food. But really, we can talk about it in any area as well.

So, what being discerning is doing is it’s actually being able to quiet the instant gratification monster. And being able to want something in the future that is more important than having something right now.

So, where this comes in is when we’re talking about treats. And we’ve talked about deciding what you’re going to eat ahead of time. So, tomorrow, I’m going to have a salad with chicken on it, and some salad dressing, and maybe some bacon. Okay.

And then, for dinner, I’m going to have some salmon, with some rice, and maybe some broccoli. And then, my treat for tomorrow is going to be wine afterwards. And as I go through my day tomorrow, someone hands me a brownie and says, Hey, Elizabeth, I made this brownie for you. And it looks really delicious. It’s one of the most beautiful brownies that maybe I’ve ever seen, or I know this person makes amazing brownies. I love brownies.

But being able to look at that brownie and decide, do I want the brownie, or do I want the wine that I had planned? And really being able to discern which one is going to give me more pleasure.

Maybe I decide that I don’t want the brownie right now. And what that does is it allows me to talk to my instant gratification monster and tell my instant gratification monster. Hey, you’re going to get what you want, but you’re not going to get it right now.

And so, I think that being discerning or having the skill of discernment is a really important skill when we’re talking about eating. Because food is always around us, all the time. And what being discerning does is it allows us to notice and acknowledge that food is available to us, all the time.

There’s no scarcity of food. And when we look at food as being purely abundant because it is. Like you probably have food available at an arm’s reach right now. When we see food as being truly abundant, then, we get to decide out of all of the food that I have available to me. What is it that I want most?

And when we can look at this from an abundance standpoint, then we’re never like, oh, I need to eat the brownie right now because I’m never going to get it again. When we drop the judgment around food and what foods are good for us, and what foods are bad for us, and truly acknowledged that all foods belong in our diet.

And that eating too many of the wrong foods, isn’t necessarily what’s going to make me gain weight. But it’s what’s going to make me feel bad. And again, To pair it, what I’ve been saying throughout this entire program is we want to do the things that are good for us. We want to do the things that are going to make us feel good, cause we all want to feel good. Right?

And so, by having that discernment, what we’re going to be able to do is make better choices. All right? So, that was a roundabout way of talking about it. But just keep that in the back of your mind that when we are discerning with our food, we will make better choices. All right?

That’s all I have for you in this video.

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