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2.2 Thought Download

Step 1 to Uncovering what we Really Think


All right. In this video, what I’m going to talk about is thought downloads. Now thought downloads are the next step from Body Scans. All right. So in the body scan, hopefully you started to notice emotions popping up and those emotions would be things like love or frustration or contentment or happiness or irritation or anger or boredom.

Yeah. How about that? A boredom is an emotion, but anyway, so what we want to do next is we’re next week, we’re going to learn about something called the think, feel, act, but before we do that, What I want you to start doing is starting to notice the suggestions that your lower brain is offering you. So we have two different parts of our brain.

Okay. We have, what’s called our prefrontal cortex, which is our rational thinking brain. And then we have what’s called our our emotional or our lower. And the prefrontal cortex, the rational brain is the part of our brain that goes out and it makes plans. And it decides that we want to lose weight, that we want to get healthier, that we want to run a marathon.

And how we’re going to do that is we’re going to follow this plan. We’re going to follow these steps. Okay. So the rational thinking brain is the planner. It’s the goal setter. And then we have this other part of our brain, which is the the lower brain, which completely runs on like animal instinct. And in fact, it works on something called the motivational triad.

Now the motivational triad is. That all the time we are seeking pleasure, we are avoiding pain and we are doing it as efficiently as possible. And so when we get confused about, well, why did I eat that bag of chips? It’s because it tasted good. Okay. And it was more pleasurable than whatever it else it was that we were faced with at that time, which might’ve been boredom.

It might’ve been You know, some other negative emotion or whatever. So last week we were working on the body scans this week. What we want to do is we want to start tapping into those suggestions that the lower brain is offering us, that we believe. So that. We can start to become, what’s called the watcher of our brains.

All right. Now how we’re going to do this is through a tool called a thought download. Now what you’re going to do is ideally you would do this daily. You could do it first thing in the morning, if you want to I’ll share some caveats with that. Or you can do it throughout the day when you’re feeling a strong emotion.

All right. Now, what you’re going to do is you are going to either have a journal. Or you can take out a piece of paper. You could even do thought downloads on a napkin. It doesn’t really matter. And what you’re going to do is you are going to take pen to paper and you are just going to free write.

Now, it’s this isn’t a journal per se. It isn’t talking about your day. It’s not even supposed to make sense. What the thought download is doing is it’s allowing you to dump all of your thoughts out on paper. And so for example, doing a thought download on there are people doing work outside? My thought download might look like is, well, first of all, thought downloads will often sound like a crazy person, wrote them. Okay? So just be aware of that.

It’s totally normal. It’s totally fine. So if I were going to do a thought download on the people who are working. In the building next door to me and they’re making a lot of noise. It would look something like they shouldn’t be making noise. Can’t they see it? I’m trying to work.

okay. So just write it all out and it doesn’t have to make sense. Try not to judge what you’re thinking, because what we want to do is we want to give voice to the lower brain because it’s already speaking up. It’s already speaking up. We want to. Just know and tune into what it’s saying. You are going to be so enlightened when you start to notice these things that your brain is coming up with, because you probably didn’t even realize some of the scripts that your brain is constantly on autopilot about.

So, you can do a thought download first thing in the morning. You could also do a thought down last thing at the evening. Just dump out what you think about your day. Like my day was a shit show. Didn’t really go very well. And thought downloads don’t actually have to all be negative. They can also include positive.

And in fact, including positive thoughts in your thought downloads can be really helpful. And I’ll talk about that again, when we’re talking about what’s called intentional thought creation in a couple of weeks. Here’s the deal. So I want you to do a thought download ideally daily. Okay. Now the problem with doing them first thing in the morning, I used to do them first thing in the morning, and eventually what happened is my brain was like, oh, I’m on to her.

I’m not going to give her any more stuff. So I would open up my journal and I would just sit there and I’d be like, okay, brain, what are we going to think about today? And it wouldn’t come up with anything. And so what I had to start doing was coming up with a list of things that I could write about. So for example, people that might irritate you or situations that you were kind of confused about, like, why am I procrastinating on doing this thing?

And so. What you want to do in those instances is write the topic at the top of the page. Like I’m supposed to be writing this report, but I’m not doing it. What are all of the reasons? So asking yourself, what are all of the reasons. That I’m doing this, or I’m not doing it, or what are all of the things that I think about this and then do your thought download from there.

So those are some different ideas of how you can implement thought downloads. I also have a document below this video. Where I will share that with you as well. And so that’s going to be your homework for this week. It doesn’t have to be really intense. So just spending like five or 10 minutes, just jotting down some thoughts after you’re done with it, you can totally throw it away.

I like to keep mine because it reminds me of. Like when I can go back then and say, oh, I really thought that at that time, and we can understand them that the suggestions that our lower brain offers us aren’t necessarily true. And sometimes these thoughts that we think aren’t even helpful. And so, again, the purpose of doing these thought downloads is so that we can get in touch with that lower brain.

And so, especially if you’re someone who identifies as a craving, like you have to have cravings for foods, or if you are a habitual eater or an emotional eater it can be really helpful when you tap into those suggestions that the lower brain offers us so that we can start to then tear them down and not believe them anymore. All right. So that’s what I have for you this week. I will see you in the next video.

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