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3.1 Protein

How much Protein should you have in your diet?


Okay. So in this video, what I want to do is I want to talk about our protein needs. So one of the eight basic habits of healthy people is that we have protein at each of our meals. Now protein is actually going to be your friend, and it’s going to be your friend for a couple of different reasons, mainly because.

Protein helps to maintain muscle mass, but also protein is going to help you in terms of keeping you satisfied for longer periods of time. Now, if you watched the video that I did on carbohydrates and starch you’ll know that when we eat carbohydrates and starch and actually any food, what happens is our body breaks those foods down into.

Molecules and those molecules get put into our blood system. Our body then releases insulin in response to taking that energy from our blood system and putting it into our muscles and our liver. And so what happens then is if we eat 100% pure carbohydrates, what happens is our blood sugar rises. And our body releases insulin in response to that.

And then our blood sugar falls. And because our, the insulin has cleaned up everything so well that then our blood sugar falls and we feel all woozy again. And although we’ve just eaten. We still feel like we don’t have any energy. And so what happens is when we eat protein with carbohydrate or starch, the body releases blood sugar so much more slowly, it digests it more slowly. And so then we don’t have these rise and falls of blood sugar and rise and falls of insulin. And so we have a more even keeled approach. So what I want you to start noticing is if you don’t have protein in one of your meals, if you start to notice that later on, you start to feel like you have cravings or that you want other types of foods or that you you have low energy or you feel lethargic, so start to connect those dots between what you’re eating and how you feel later on, because I’ll bet that once we add more protein to your meals, then we’re going to start to get rid of some of those things. Now that’s all I want to talk about in this video.

If you have questions about what constitutes a protein or all of the other technical stuff, I’m going to address that in a protein video. Okay.

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