The Coaching

Many people hire personal trainers for accountability. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s expensive, and it’s not sustainable in the long run.

Other folks find workout buddies to keep them accountable. And that might be a great strategy for a quick run, or step class, but for strength training, does your workout buddy have the expertise to make sure that you don’t get injured and you’re getting stronger?

Through coaching, Health with Friends not only has the accountability piece that you need, but the expert coaching that you want to be successful with your goals.

With coaching, no one expects you to be at a certain level before you can join; we’re all at different points on our journey. Coaching is all about what you want & where you want to go. Because of that, I meet you where you are at and don’t expect you to be more advanced. In fact, we all slide up and down on that scale on a daily basis.

Since this is the long game, you’ll get options on your next steps, and you get to choose what works best for you. Because it is your life, after all.


The Content

As a member of Health with Friends, you’ll have access to nutritional strategies; workouts and exercise techniques; and group challenges to keep you motivated and engaged, inspired to accomplish your goals.

Oftentimes we know what we want to do, we’re just not sure how to do it. By having proven nutritional strategies to choose from, you can take what works for you and the way you live, and not try to fit your life into how someone else thinks that you should live it.

The Community

Everyone needs a little extra support – especially when it comes to behavior change.  One of the best techniques to stick to a goal is to share it with your support system. Not only will we help you flesh out the details of your goal, so that you’re successful, but we’ll also help keep your feet to the fire to keep you successful.

This is a community of amazing, smart, funny, and helpful women. We understand the need to have accountability in your life.

Ever single one of us has been the new kid on the block. Each one of us has had to learn what works for us. So, we understand where you are, and are compassionate with ourselves and will meet you where you are on your journey.


Elizabeth Sherman

Founder and Your Soon-to-be Best Friend

I created Health with Friends because I know how important support is when trying to change your health habits. We need support whether it’s with a professional, information, or social; the more the better!

When I started my journey in 2001, I found my way to health through a women’s strength training based online community. It was like I had found my tribe!

These women were at different stages of their journey, and yet, we found friendship because we were all learning together. We experimented with different lifting and nutritional techniques. What we learned was that what worked for one of us didn’t necessarily work for another.

Through this community, we became very close, and 15 years later, we’re still friends. We’ve shared in each-other’s lives; births, deaths, marriages, divorces and everything else that comes with living a whole-hearted life.

I hope you’ll let me, and the community I’ve created, support and join you on your journey.

I’m Ready – What Happens Next?

Once you click the Sign Me Up! button, you’ll take 3 super simple steps

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That’s it – 1,2,3 & you’re done!

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

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In addition to being part of an amazing community of women, you’ll get the guidance of Elizabeth’s knowledge for pennies of what private coaching costs.

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