What’s Included?

  • Access to online content
    • Every 4-6 weeks you’ll get additional workouts (At least 2 cardio/metabolic conditioning, & 2 traditional strength training)
    • Printable PDFs and video to download and take with you to the gym so that you know the day’s plan
    • Workout Calendar for using workouts
    • Exercise library with written cues to perform the exercises safely & effectively
    • Weekly educational video or article outlining a single useful diet tool, tip or strategy.
    • Private program content (nutrition, exercise, stress management, or sleep programs) only for Health with Friends members
  • We will have team challenges and contests about once a quarter. This is to keep you on track, and accountable to yourself and the group.
  • Accountability Logs and Daily Task Sheets so that you stay committed to your goals.
  • Access to private Facebook group only other members of the group can see & respond to your questions/comments. So your complete privacy is respected.
  • Daily interaction with me and a group of amazing, smart women who “get it”
  • Live group coaching – Weekly live video group coaching in the private Facebook group where I’ll answer your questions.

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  1. Create your user name, and password to login to Health with Friends
  2. Enter payment info (PayPal or credit card)
  3. Check your email to learn how you’ll:
    • join the private Facebook group
    • get notified of NEW Health with Friends content.

That’s it – 1,2,3 & you’re done!

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Although the value is over $100 per month, right now, the cost is only $29.97 per month! And you get so much more than what you’re paying for! This is a fantastic deal, and it’s not going to last. As Health with Friends matures, the pricing will increase to reflect that.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is no contract involved.  This is a month to month program, and you can cancel at any time. However,  I would recommend staying for at least 3 months so you can get the full benefits of the coaching and community provided. Once you cancel you will be immediately removed from the membership site and group.

What results will I get?

The results you get out of the program will be determined by your engagement with the program.

I find that folks who take advantage of all of the resources (coaching calls, group accountability, participation in group challenges, etc) are the most successful because they’re asking for what they want, and getting support as a result.

Monthly we will address different fat-loss techniques, body change essentials and long-term mindset shifts. You can expect to change your body shape, lose fat and learn strategies to maintain your results.

I have tried everything and I still cannot lose weight.  How is this different?

Most of the time, when people can’t lose weight, it’s because they’re trying to fit their life into a one-sized fits all diet/exercise program.

The group and I will meet you at whatever stage of health you are currently at. We’ll take slow, deliberate steps to get you to your goal of optimal health. We’ll keep you accountable to the habits that you commit to.

And because this is a NO FAD DIETS/ NO CRAZY DRASTIC MEASURES group – just solid implementation to get you results.

I have 100% confidence that you will have success here if you are patient and trust the process.  If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not a good fit for you.

Will you give me a meal plan?

I don’t do meal plans because meal plans JUST. DON’T. WORK. If they did, you wouldn’t be looking for something different.

Nutrition is a HUGE component of the program, however, there are no specific meal plans with this program.  We are all different. The way our body works, food that we respond to, foods that do not agree with, as well as needs for sleep, exercise and alone time.

We will talk quite a bit on adjusting your meal choices based on your metabolic burner types. You will have plenty of options to choose from but you will not receive a customized meal plan to follow.

But don’t worry, we will delve into plenty of nutrition education to help you look and feel your best. And of course, you will be able to ask any and all nutrition questions you have in the closed FB group.

How is this different from a diet?

This goes WAY beyond food and exercise.  So you will learn how to eat and exercise for your goals without obsessing, counting calories and feeling stuck wondering what to do.

In this program you’ll learn what’s best for you, what fat-loss or lifestyle techniques work best for you and your family. I might be an expert in nutrition and exercise, but I’m not the expert on your body and your life. You are. And by learning from others in the group, you can try out different exercise and nutrition techniques that differ from what traditional science can prove.

Also, unlike purchasing a diet off the shelf online or in a bookstore, you will have access to continued coaching and support to trouble shoot how to design your life for better results that are sustainable vs. the yo-yo dieting culture.

Am I fit enough to be a part of this group?

Yes! All of the workouts provided offer modifications and movement substitutions so you can work from your current fitness level and progress at your pace!

What if I’m new to exercise?  Will this program be too advanced for me?

This program is for all fitness levels.  All movements can be modified to your current fitness level.  Additionally, you will have access to watch demonstration videos of all movements listed in the workout so you will know exactly what all of the movements are.

Do I need a gym membership to complete the workouts?

You do not need to belong to or go to the gym.

Of the 4 new workouts added to the program each term, 2 will be focused more on strength (You’ll want a squat rack, Olympic sized barbell and weights, and a full set of dumbbells or adjustable weights).

The other two will focus on cardio conditioning with dumbbells, bands or just bodyweight (there will be workouts that will also use inexpensive equipment like a step, and exercise ball).

Get a few sample workouts here.

I don’t use Facebook. Can I still join?

You can, although you’ll miss out on the group support aspect of Health with Friends. You will still have access to the exercise and workout libraries, and special programs.

What if I have questions or need assistance?  Will I have access to email you?

You will have daily access to me. I am available to answer questions and provide assistance via the closed Facebook group, and here’s why it’s important to share in the group (versus messaging me privately): We are all learning from one another.

If you have a question  chances are that someone else does too! Likewise, you will more than likely learn from the other women in the group – try techniques that and share ideas that work for each other.

This is a community where we can share our questions, insights, victories, tips, and tools.  I’ll be with you every step of the way helping you reach your goals!

I want my friend to do this with me! How do I get her this information?

Awesome!! This concept is the cornerstome of Health with Friends! Just send her to this page and she can get signed up!


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