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Introduction: This is it!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the Feel Good Sisterhood. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself that you’ve made followed through on your commitment to yourself. Thank your past version self – the one who signed up for this program – and thank her & every version after who made the commitment each week to prioritize yourself. Yaay you!!


All right, welcome to week 24. I cannot believe that we’ve been on this journey for six months together. You have changed so much. And I just have to thank you for showing up for yourself and for doing all of this amazing work. Even if you’ve done the bare minimum, even if you’ve completely half-assed it. That’s 100% okay and I applaud you. You’ve made it this far, and that is amazing.

So, here’s what I’m going to suggest. I would love for you to take the wheel of life exercise again. And I’d love for you to compare your results to your results at the very beginning of the program. And here’s why. I want you to focus on how far you’ve come. Because you really have done an amazing job.

Now, you may want to keep going forward and that’s 100% okay. But be aware that this is not the end, this is actually just the beginning. And so, everything that you’ve learned here in this program is going to be available to you. You can go through it at any time, I 100% recommend that. And I would love to keep in touch with you.

So, please keep my name, keep my email, keep all of my information, and I want to hear your success stories. So, thank you for being here. I have a couple of videos for you, and I just could not be more grateful that you have trusted me with your journey, with your transformation. I really am beside myself with how much you’ve grown and transformed. And I could not be prouder of you.

So, thank you for being here and I’ll see you in the next video.

Resources & Links

  • Your Journey
  • Your Tools
  • Wheel of Life Assessment