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Introduction: Our Relationship with Ourselves

What does it mean to be in a relationship with ourselves? or with food? We typically think about relationships as between 2 people – which isn’t 100% incorrect. Usually, they are. But we can think about the relationship with ourselves as being in a relationship with 2 other people in addition to ourselves: our past self, and our future self.


All right, welcome to week 18. Now, we are doing some really good work here. So, in week 18, we’re in the middle of our relationship’s module. And so, what we’re going to be focusing on this week is our relationship with ourself. Last week, we talked about our relationship with others and this week we’re talking about our relationship with ourself.

Now, our relationship with others is always going to be a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. And so, it’s really important to take a look at. We talked about the manual last week and the manual that we have, the expectations that we have for other people. And when we judge other people and when we have expectations for other people, typically we also have those judgments about ourselves. We also have those expectations for ourselves as well.

So, we really want to get clear on; what our judgements are, what our expectations are? So that we can clean that up and have better relationships. Not only with those other people, but then also with ourselves, and with food, and with exercise, right?

Because that’s the whole point of this program is to improve our relationships with our body, to improve our relationship with ourselves. Get rid of that inner critic, get rid of the self-doubt, and then also improve our relationship with food.

Let’s see, in this module, in this week’s information, we’re going to go deeper into the biomarkers and we’re going to get more into fat loss. I have a really good chart for you, a really good a flow chart, and we’re going to be talking about that a little bit more.

And then, I have a couple of relationship videos as well. One about the manuals that we have for ourselves and just a little heads’ up. Whenever we hear the word “should,” we can be sure that we have a manual going on. Whether that’s for someone else or for ourselves, you know for you to decide. But be aware that whenever we hear the word “should,” we have an expectation. All right?

And then, the other things that we have going on this week are self-compassion work. So, really, we’re trying to tackle that inner critic and getting rid of her or we’re never going to get rid of her, but we can quiet her voice. And then, number three is going to be past focused versus future focus. Okay?

And so, what I mean by that is so often when we get to midlife, we’re like, “oh, I’m too old to do anything else.” We feel like our life we’re starting to wait for ourselves to die. And I have a really good exercise in there where we put ourselves on a continuum and notice how much life we have left and what do we want to accomplish in that second part of our lives? Okay?

So, that’s all I have for you as an introduction to week 18. I will see you in the next videos.

Resources & Links

  • 18.1 Manuals for Ourselves
  • 18.2 Biomarkers v2
  • Self-Compassion Work (optional video)
  • Past Focus vs Future Focus (optional video)