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Mid-Program Check In

How are things going?

Please take a minute and check-in with yourself. How is the program going for you? If you had to do it again, what would you do differently? You can start doing that today.

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All right, so this is your mid-program check-in video. And so, I have a bunch of questions for you that I’d like you to think about and I’d like you to ask yourself. So, one, how are you doing? Like really, how are you doing in the program? How are you applying the materials that we’re talking about in these videos, in the worksheets, and applying it to your everyday life?

Now, something that I want to address is that I intentionally did not give you a checklist for every single week. And the reason I haven’t given you a checklist for the things to do every single week is because oftentimes, we get caught up in getting it right and checking the boxes. I know this because it’s part of my personality. Okay. I am a recovering people pleaser and I love doing things perfectly.

And in this program, I have given you a ton of different resources and you’re going to have access to these resources well beyond the end of the six months. Now, the reason that I haven’t given you a checklist is because not everything is going to apply to you. And so, I don’t want you to spend time doing things that aren’t useful for you.

At the moment, you can always go back and pay attention to it later. Or if right now, you just need to do the bare minimum, then do the bare minimum. You can go back to the advanced ideas a little bit later and revisit them as you get more underneath your belt. Okay?

So, I just wanted to address that because sometimes we get frustrated that we’re not able to keep up. When honestly, I believe that you are getting everything that you need at the moment. That the information comes to us when we need it. All right?

So, going back to; how are you doing? So, have you been showing up for yourself? And what I mean by that is have you been asking for coaching when you need it? Have you been asking for help? Have you been asking for support and accountability when you need it? Have you been using the resources that I’ve been giving you to the best of your ability or not?

And if not, are you okay with those reasons? Because you don’t have to use everything. But I don’t want you to feel like, you’re not getting the support you need when no one can give you support if you don’t ask for it. Okay?

Now, here’s the next question. If you had to start back at week one, how would you do things differently? Okay? “That’s kind of an interesting question.” Like, what would you do differently if you had to start over again? Now, here’s the thing. You get the opportunity to implement whatever you would do differently today. We still have half of a program left, there’s still a lot of times.

So, if you think about how far you’ve come from when we started back in August to today? And then, we go from today until January the end of January. There’s so much more that you can learn. So, how do you want to show up for yourself? How do you want to ask for help? Because I want to give you every single resource available to me. But I need to know what you want. Okay. And what you need. So, you need to ask for it, All right?

So, how do you feel like you’re moving towards your goal? Do you feel like you’re moving towards your goal? If you do, great! Why do you feel like you’re doing that? Or why don’t you feel like you’re moving towards your goal? Okay.

And then, the last thing I want to suggest is that you take the wheel of life exercise assessment again. And I’d love for you to compare it to the one that you took three months ago to see if you’re slowly making steps towards where you ultimately want to be. And then, bring any of those questions to the slack community. And let’s start a discussion around it. Where do you need more support?

So, that’s all I have for you in this video, let’s just do just a mid-program assessment. How do you feel like you’re doing? How do you feel like we’re doing? Okay? See you in the next video.