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Joy Eating (optional video)

Enjoying Food

I used to think that I loved food. What I loved doing was eating large quantities of food.

I want you to love food. But I also want you to be present when you eat ‘fun’ foods so that you enjoy it more instead of eating it, not paying attention, and then eating more to experience the joy that you never received.

When you can tune in to how you feel – how food makes you feel – you will appreciate it more.


All right, so in this video, I want to talk about joy eats. Now, if you have been craving something, something that is just wonderful. What I’m going to suggest to you is that you do the worksheet called tedious powerful. And it’s called tedious powerful for a reason because it is very tedious to really experience the joy of eating.

And so, when we have a craving for something, I’m going to suggest that you pull this worksheet out. Because what it does is it makes us pay attention to what it is that we’re eating. So often, we’re like, “oh, I’m craving potato chips.” And then, we eat the potato chips, and we don’t even pay attention to how they taste it.

And so, when we really get into how food tastes, how food feels? Then, we can really experience the food and you’ll only have to do this worksheet like once or twice. And then, afterwards, you can do the worksheet in your head. It’s really going to be intriguing because so often, we don’t really taste our food.

I know that from my experience that I used to call myself a foodie, but really what I loved was eating large amounts of food. And it wasn’t until I really started tasting my food and feeling the textures in my mouth, that I really decided, “oh, you know what? I really don’t like Oreos.” I don’t like the film that they have in my mouth. I really like good chocolate; I don’t like cheap chocolate and I don’t like how it’s gritty and I don’t really like the flavor.

And so, you can become more discerning in what it is that you’re eating and really up level your taste. And what that does is that then when someone offers you something and you take a bite, you’re like, “this doesn’t taste good.” and so, you’re more willing to get rid of it and throw it away instead of eating the rest of it.

Because if there’s one thing that I want to share with you right now, it’s that when you become more discerning in your food. What happens is, if it doesn’t taste good, know that the more you eat it, it’s not going to taste better.

This is my mantra for parties that if it doesn’t taste good, if I keep eating it, it’s not going to taste any better. We do that. We think that if I keep eating this, it’s got to taste better. Right? How often have we done that where we see a beautiful like grocery store cake? Right? And we take a piece and we’re like, “oh, it looks so beautiful, it’s got to taste amazing.” And then, we take a bite and we’re like, “this isn’t really good.”

But we keep eating it because our eyes have been tricked into thinking that it’s going to be amazing. And so, with this worksheet, the tedious powerful worksheet. What I want you to do is I really want you to start loving food, and enjoying it, and really savoring it.

And so, when you are able to honor your food like that, what will happen is you’ll actually become more discerning in the flavors that you enjoy and really just have a better experience with food as a whole. All right?

So, that’s all I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.

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