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Board of Directors (optional video)

Who are your internal advisors?

Did you know that you can invite anyone you want to inside your brain and take advice from them?

When faced with a decision, conflict, or trying to figure out how to solve a problem, it can be helpful to ask yourself, “What would ______(person)_______ do? How would they think about this that is different than how I’m thinking about it? Who might they ask for advice?”

It doesn’t really matter if you’re correct or not – but when you pose this question to your brain, you’re probably answering the question from a ‘more evolved’ mind than the default. Which in turn, will help you to cultivate a better result than before.


Okay, so in this video, what I want to do is I want to talk about something called a Personal Board of Directors. A personal board of directors is a concept that many people have, many leaders in fact will have a personal board of directors. And what the idea is that you have either real or fictional characters who kind of act as advisers in your head when you’re trying to make a decision. You can have anyone that you want to on your personal board of directors.

And this week, what we’re going to be talking about is the future version of yourself. And for me, whenever I come up with problems, I asked myself, “okay, how do I want the future version of myself to solve this problem? Okay?

But you can also use other people in this. So, for instance, Oprah, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or Brene’ Brown, or Byron Katie, or even your sister, or your mother, or anyone who is real or not real. Wonder woman can totally be on your personal board of directors. And so, the idea here is really trying to get into the mind of that person.

And I love this example because when we’re trying to become someone different in the future, than who we are today. When we want to change how we think about our problems, how we think about food, how we think about alcohol, exercise, things like that. We can borrow the thoughts of other people.

And so, this is actually a really great opportunity for you to tap into some other thoughts of other people who you may have access to. So, like for example, maybe you have a girlfriend who really doesn’t think about food very often or she doesn’t have a problem with overeating.

So, you can ask her, or you can start to think, I wonder what Jane is thinking when she walks into, for example, a Christmas party. Is she thinking about the food or is she not? Is she thinking about what she’s wearing? Like seriously, try to embody and bring up the thoughts that you think this other person could potentially be thinking when they’re in certain situations. And then, do that.

It’s kind of like, there’s a book called “act as if.” And the idea is that when we’re trying to change our behavior, when we’re trying to step into that next version of ourselves, we have to pretend to be that person before it actually feels comfortable. And so, this is just another way of doing that. It’s stepping into someone that we admire or a few different people that we admire in order to make decisions from a better place. All right?

So, here’s your homework. Decide, who’s going to be on your personal board of directors? It can be as many or as few people as you wish. And again, it can range from; if you want to cultivate, like for example, the passionate side of yourself. Then, decide who do I want to be more like who’s passionate?

If you want to cultivate the business side of yourself, decide who’s an amazing businesswoman that I really look up to that I want to start thinking like? If it’s food and eating, think about who would that be, and how do I think like her or him? Okay?

So, that’s what I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.