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Introduction: Being in Relationship with our Body


All right, so welcome to week 19. In week 19, what we’re doing is we’re getting into relationship with our bodies. I know that sounds very WOO, doesn’t it? But so many of us have judgment about our body.

Our bodies should be X. Our bodies should be Y. Our body isn’t doing this right. Why are we flawed? Why do I look like this? Ugh, it’s so gross, we have thoughts about our body. And so therefore, we are in relationship with our body. And what we want to do is we actually want to improve that relationship with our body because those thoughts don’t actually feel really good, do they?

And so, if we can improve our relationship with our body, then get rid of all of that junk in our heads. The problem is, is that so many of us think that “well, I can’t think these good things about my body until I’ve reached this arbitrary number on the scale.” And what I want to suggest to you today is that if we actually have a good relationship with our bodies, then we will get the number on this scale.

That the number on the scale is “it’s a chicken and an egg kind of thing.” Right? That the number on the scale is going to be a reflection of what we think about our bodies. It doesn’t come afterwards. And if we don’t practice having good thoughts and being in relationship with our body now, it’s certainly not going to happen when that number happens on the scale. Okay. So, that’s the first piece.

The second piece is that we’re going to be talking about people pleasing and perfectionism. I know we’re all card carrying members. But hopefully the video on people pleasing and perfectionism will make you rethink, why we do that? We kind of think of people pleasing and perfectionism as a positive trait.

And what I want to suggest is that it’s actually not, it’s actually a negative trait because what we’re doing is we’re trying to manipulate people. Okay. Watch the video and watch that.

And then, the last video that I have for you today is called the 4 C’s. And it’s just an idea that I want you to entertain about committing to yourself, showing up for yourself, having the courage to keep going, finding that you are capable and then keeping going with that renewed courage to keeping going. All right?

So, that’s all I have for you in this video. I’ll see you in the next one.

Resources & Links

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