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Being in Relationship with Our Body

Being good to your body

She’s doing the best she can given the resources that you give her.



All right, so in this video, I want to talk about being in relationship with your body. And last week we talked about being in relationship with ourselves. And when I talk about being in relationship with myself, I’m really thinking about the relationship that I have with the past version of myself, the present day version of myself, and then the future version of myself.

And today, I want to talk about having a relationship with our bodies. And I remember when I was first introduced to this topic, it was really confusing to me. Because I really didn’t see my body as, I don’t know, whether it was being worthy of being in a relationship with. Or if it was just something that I felt like I had control over or had to control that my body didn’t really get a say.

And so, therefore, it became a dictatorship type of relationship that I thought my body was in service to me. And she is, right? Her goal is to keep me alive. But I was thinking that I could use my brain in order to control my body.

And what I’ve learned over the years is that our body actually has needs too. Right? Like she needs food. She needs rest. She needs water, and to go to the bathroom, and all of those things that we think about. Like, our bodies are not machines. They cannot go on and on and on and on and be taken for granted up. And when we take our bodies for granted, then what happens is they rebel.

And it’s taken me a really long time to figure this out. I remember when I was in the process of dieting and trying to control her, to control her size, and felt completely betrayed and resentful of her because she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to be doing. Right?

Like, “I’m smarter than you, body.” My brain knows that if I cut calories and exercise that you’re supposed to be the size and shape that I tell you to be. And what I’ve found out and is the Genesis of this program is that; no, our bodies have needs too. And when we understand what the needs are that our bodies have, when we can listen to her, and do what’s good for her that she will pay us back by feeling good and by behaving, right? By doing those things that we ultimately want her to do.

I remember for years trying to control what I was eating, and overexercising, and being really frustrated with her when she wasn’t the size that she was supposed to be. And it wasn’t until I started listening to her. Understanding when she had too much food, understanding when she needed to rest, understanding when she wanted to blow off steam. Understanding what foods made her feel good? What foods didn’t make her feel good?

That’s when my body became the size and shape really that I had been trying to force her into before. When I got to a place of acceptance of, “oh, okay, so I need to work with you and this is how we do it,” then it became so much easier.

So, hopefully, at this point in the program, you’re starting to understand how your body communicates with you. What are the signals that she sends you that tell you that she needs more protein, that she needs more carbohydrates, that she needs more rest, that she needs to exercise, or she doesn’t need to exercise?

You’re figuring out what that delicate balance is for you and your body. And you’re starting to notice that when you do things that you want to do that your lower brain wants you to do, right? Like, eat a bunch of sugar, or overeat, or eat a bunch of pasta, for example. That how your body feels after that is indicative of what you should be doing long-term in order to make her feel the best, right? In order, to make you feel the best.

And so, hopefully, at this point, you’re starting to understand those very subtle little nuances of how she communicates with you. And you’re getting in touch with her so that you can listen to those cues and then give her what you need.

Because I 100% believe that when we can listen to those cues, that she will pay us back by becoming the size and shape that we are meant to be. Not necessarily, what society thinks that we should be, but what size and shape she is meant to be. And that’s all that we can really ask for. Because when our bodies right size, and our hormones are balanced, then we will have optimal health, right?

Now, it might not be the size and shape that society thinks that we should be. But this is the point of the program, where we get over that. That we get into relationship with our body and really start to question, why do I think those things about my body? Why do I think I should be a certain size? Why is it not okay that I am the size and shape that I am right now? Okay.

So, I have a really amazing worksheet for you today. And in the worksheet, I’m going to talk about you know, just how you think about your body. It’s very revealing. So, I’m going to ask you to do that and that’s all I have for you right now. I’ll see you in the next video.

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