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Introduction: to Belief & Self-Trust

This week we’re going to start to create belief in ourselves. We’re going to start doing this through questioning WHY we don’t believe, and then start the process of stepping into that belief.


So, welcome to week 14. In week 14, we are continuing with our commitment and belief. So, there are two different tracks here. And in the behavior track, the food track, what we’re going to start doing is creating what’s called a protocol. Which is like a food uniform. So, basically, it’s a meal plan that you create for yourself.

Now, this is not a diet. When you create a food uniform, you’re doing it from a place of what can I sustain? And I’m doing it from a place of, this is what makes me feel better. And so, you may get a little pushback from the people around you of, why are we going to have to eat this way? Or why can’t we have this?

So, like for example, if you decide that you’re not going to be eating carbohydrates or starches with your evening meal, it’s totally okay that other people in the house have that food. It’s just that you are not going to be eating it. And again, the reason why isn’t, and I want you to just watch your language when you explain it to people.

The reason why isn’t “I’m on a diet” or anything that is outside of you. I want you to start using the words, “this is the way that I’m eating because this is what makes me feel good.” This is what helps me to feel good physically. This is what helps me sleep better at night. This is what gives me more energy. I’ve noticed that when I have more vegetables in my diet, then I feel lighter, or I wake up and I feel better.

So, again, make it about you because you are worth it. And I think that when we start to talk that way, we’ll get the other people on board because of course they want to support you. Right? And so, when we create a diet, we’re an eating plan, that is right for us. Then, they aren’t going to have a problem with it. All right?

So, your eating protocol, your food uniform today may actually look very different than how it’s going to look in three months, six months, a year. As you start to get more refined and you start to look at your diet and say, “okay, where else can I get a little bit more tight?” What else am I doing that I really feel like I could probably give up.

So, like for example, soda. Sometimes we feel really connected to soda right now. Right? But after we’ve been eating differently for a certain period of time, you might say, “well, you know, I’ve been drinking two sodas a day, but you know, I think I might be ready to give up one of those sodas.” Or you might say something to the effect of, “you know, I’m ready to just drink soda on the weekends.”

So, really start to hone in and create that food uniform for yourself. Now, that’s the first piece. The second piece is we’re really going to go through some belief and commitment worksheets in this module. So, this module is actually pretty worksheet heavy, but you don’t have to go through all of the worksheets.

It’s just going to be a matter of these are going to be available to you and as you get stuck, so as you have a plateau, you may want to come back to this module and decide, ” okay, where can I tighten things up? All right? Cause everything’s going to be here.

So, that’s all I have for you in this video. I will see you in the next one.

Resources & Links

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  • Trouble-Shooting Plateaus (optional video)